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Ace your intern interview at 黑料大湿Posts

Here are some quick tips from Naneth Allen, our Global Campus Recruiting Programs Manager, to help you ace your interview with 黑料大湿Posts!  

Where do I start?

One way to start preparing for the interview is by doing research to understand the organization鈥檚 culture. Check out our social media pages and employee reviews. Read our 鈥About Us鈥, learn more about what it is like to work at 黑料大湿Posts, check out our recent awards and commitment to candidates. You should also see what other employees and interns are saying about 黑料大湿Posts by reviewing our and profiles.

Next, make sure to do your research on the position and job description of the role you are interested in pursuing. Take some time to review how your skills and experience match the role. Have you highlighted your strengths and experience based on the positions?

Lastly, dig in and learn about our company鈥檚 history, products and services, Social Impact, 黑料大湿Posts Foundation and our Trust Principles. This information provides a lot of intel about our organization and can show whether our work and vision aligns with your values and wants within a company culture.

How do you prepare yourself?

Practice makes perfect! 

Research the position you are interviewing for and prepare answers on what solutions you bring to the table or showcase your talents in that area. During your video interview, you should be dressing for success, prepping your surroundings, and checking your tech before interviewing.

How do you stand out from a crowd during the interview?

Building STAR examples is a winning formula for nearly any interview question. Your resume should also reflect a similar format!

Accomplished X + as measured by Y + by doing Z = winning bullet

S = Situation
Describe the situation or event you were in.

T = Task
 What tasks were you asked to accomplish?

A = Action
Describe actions you took or what you did.

R = Results
What did you accomplish? 
What happened?

We wish you the best of luck with next steps in our hiring process, and we hope these tips help with building confidence in your next interview! Are you looking for your next internship opportunity? Check out our open roles . 

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Naneth Allen, Global Campus Recruiting Programs Manager