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Camilla, Content Manager

When asked what motivates her at work, Camilla did not hesitate: "The challenges, for sure." 

Outside of work, Camilla is a Content Manager in S茫o Paulo, Brazil. She is passionate about hiking, dancing, and traveling. Despite a fear of heights, she even has gone hang gliding and bungee jumping. And inside of work, Camilla, a content manager for the Legal team in LatAm, remains up for any adventure that comes her way. 

"I think a lot about innovating with our products, both print and digital. I'm always thinking about new things we can do.鈥 

She often asks herself, "How can we innovate in what may seem like such a 鈥榯raditional business?鈥" 

Her answer is to 鈥渨alk in the shoes of a customer鈥 and to think how they might think. Camilla has a legal degree and has worked at TR in the legal business since 2010, so she has extensive knowledge to rely upon. 

"You have to be very creative, open, and flexible, which all contribute when we think of TR鈥檚 purpose.鈥 

Even more than innovating, listening to the client is essential

To ensure that the new solutions are useful to those who will use them, Camilla reminds us that listening and working with customers is essential.  

"They are the ones who give us something to work with. For me, as someone focused on innovation there is no point to having a great idea if it isn鈥檛 adding value for our customers.鈥 

For example, in her role she鈥檚 learned that it鈥檚 not always just about providing legislative content that is of value; it also may be of value to provide context and explain what and why something has changed.  

鈥淭his is how we help their work on a day-to-day basis. In the end, we want to help our customers make the best decisions." 

Innovating today, thinking of tomorrow

Camilla says when she thinks of informing the way forward, she thinks about the customers she helps today 鈥 as well as those we will serve in the future 鈥 and their needs. 

"We are not only thinking of the present, but also about the future: what customers are not even thinking about yet 鈥 we get ahead, study it, and bring it." 

Camilla knows that she and her team have a big job ahead, but that motivates her all the more. 

That鈥檚 powering professionals to act with confidence.

That鈥檚 informing the way forward.

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