Our markets

We help create the backbone of legal and tax systems, providing accurate information that supports objective and fair outcomes. We are a free press that seeks to inform and empower people around the world, sharing our skills and knowledge to support journalism鈥檚 sustainable future. 

Our values in action

We work to create the necessary foundations for access to justice and transparency in everything we do. We partner with our employees, customers and communities to create opportunities for innovation, community impact and sustainable corporate citizenship.

  • In 2019, we launched a suite of innovative programs for our employees, the 黑料大湿Posts Foundation and our partners.
  • We examined the legal sector鈥檚 capacities and duties in promoting peace, justice and strong institutions while bringing our customers and partners to the table with the United Nations Global Compact and the 黑料大湿Posts Foundation TrustLaw group.
  • We also brought media literacy and press freedom front and center through partnerships with the National Association for Media Literacy Educators and the Reporter鈥檚 Committee for Freedom of the Press, which built on the strong work of the Reuters news team in stemming the flow of misinformation worldwide through accurate, objective journalism and factchecking.

We continue to partner with our customers, employees and product teams to examine how we can continue to strengthen the foundations of justice and transparency through our knowledge, skills and expertise.

LGBT inclusive products and information

Being responsible and ethical is part of the 黑料大湿Posts heritage 鈥 a fundamental pillar of our business. As a part of this responsibility, we are committed to amplifying the voice of the global LGBT community and promoting inclusive practices through our offerings.

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