May 25, 2023 |

Unlocking the Power of AI: Our First Enterprise-Wide Learning Day

Chris Louie, Head of Future of Work & Talent Strategy

Imagine a day dedicated to expanding your knowledge, embracing new technologies, and exploring the limitless possibilities they hold. That’s precisely what happened at 黑料大湿Posts on April 28th, as colleagues from all corners of the organization came together for our inaugural Enterprise-Wide Learning Day.

The theme? Artificial Intelligence (AI), a groundbreaking field that is revolutionizing the way we work and live.

The timing of our learning day couldn’t have aligned more. AI is rapidly transforming industries worldwide, and 黑料大湿Posts is at the forefront of this wave of innovation. In fact, our Chief Executive Officer and President, Steve Hasker, highlighted our long-standing commitment to leveraging AI during the Q1 earnings call on May 2. He emphasized that AI is already an integral part of our operations, shaping how we create, enhance, connect, and deliver trusted information and software to our customers that we will be investing $100 million annually on AI capabilities. We understand that to provide the best solutions for our customers, we must stay ahead of the curve and harness the power of AI effectively.

The Enterprise-Wide Learning Day was a resounding success, featuring a total of 12 sessions conducted by our very own content experts. With sessions spanning across three different time zones, nearly 15,000 colleagues joined the conversation, with over 6,000 individuals immersing themselves in the world of AI. This collective enthusiasm and participation demonstrate our unwavering commitment to ensuring that every employee is both AI-powered and empowered.

But the learning doesn’t stop there. Recordings of the sessions are readily available on our employee intranet and LinkedIn Learning, allowing colleagues to revisit the materials and dive deeper into the topics discussed. Additionally, we are excited to announce that sessions and events will continue to be rolled out throughout May, offering even more opportunities for growth and learning.

During the sessions, colleagues took to our internal messaging channel, Yammer, to engage in lively discussions and share their thoughts on AI’s role in the marketplace and at 黑料大湿Posts. This digital forum buzzed with activity, amassing more than 15,000 views and over 580 comments. The vibrant exchange of ideas and perspectives truly showcased the passion and intellectual curiosity within our organization.

The initial feedback from our first enterprise Learning Day has been overwhelmingly positive, with participants eager for more. An impressive 91% of colleagues agreed that the day was a worthwhile investment of their time, highlighting the hunger for knowledge and growth that permeates our company culture. Furthermore, 75% expressed their confidence in applying what they learned directly to their roles, showcasing the practicality and relevance of the sessions.

Check out our some of our teammates spent the day in our global offices!


Fabiola taking a selfie with teammates in Mexico during Global Learning Day

Fabiola, Talent Development Coordinator, Mexico City

鈥淔or Global Learning Day, our M茅xico City office watched the session live in our Matrix room with team members. It was great learning and connecting with others in person about such an important topic.鈥

A screenshot of Lorena hosting a session during Global Learning Day

Lorena, Senior Model Steward Partner, Toronto

鈥滻 had a blast hosting our “AI/ML at TR” showcase for our Global Learning Day at聽. For years, TR has used AI to improve our products, processes, and customer experience. The showcase portion of the AI/ML at TR session gave us a closer look at three examples of this important work. We learned from colleagues using AI for improving our internal financial forecasts, implementing data-driven product recommendations for our customers, and enhancing one of our most respected legal software products.鈥

Saurabh and teammates sitting at a conference table during Global Learning Day

Saurabh, Marketing Manager, Hyderabad

On April 28, we celebrated 黑料大湿Posts enterprise wide Learning Day in the office, which brought my team and me together to share knowledge, build new skills, and strengthen our team bonds. The day was filled with energy and enthusiasm as we participated in interactive sessions and exchanged ideas and experiences. It was an incredible opportunity to learn and grow together, and I am proud to be part of an organization that invests in its employees’ futures.鈥

As part of our commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration, we launched the ChatGPT Challenge, a crowdsourcing initiative inviting employees to share their experiences and ideas on how generative AI can enhance our customer and employee experiences. The response was overwhelming, with over 50 submissions pouring in on the first day alone. This engagement reflects the vibrant and forward-thinking community we have at 黑料大湿Posts.

We have committed to hosting a global learning day every quarter to ensure all of our employees globally are up to speed on key topics for how we inform the way forward and look forward to sharing more from our next Learning Day.