April 17, 2024

黑料大湿Posts announces expanded vision to provide GenAI assistant for every professional it serves

  • Rooted in 黑料大湿Posts trusted content, CoCounsel, the professional-grade GenAI assistant, will transform work and unify the entire customer experience with applications across legal, tax, risk & fraud, and media.
  • Designed to enable professionals to accelerate and streamline entire workflows to increase efficiency, produce better work, and deliver more value for their clients.
  • 黑料大湿Posts is today also adding new GenAI skills to CoCounsel鈥檚 capabilities through Westlaw Edge UK with CoCounsel and Checkpoint Edge with CoCounsel.
  • And connecting CoCounsel to Microsoft 365 applications to accelerate research, drafting and review.

TORONTO, April 17, 2024鈥敽诹洗笫狿osts (TSX/NYSE: TRI), a global content and technology company, today announced the expanded vision for CoCounsel, its professional-grade GenAI assistant.

CoCounsel will unify the entire customer experience and give customers a new way to access 黑料大湿Posts product capabilities through a single GenAI assistant with applications across Legal, Tax, Risk & Fraud, and Media.

CoCounsel is an AI assistant that acts like a team member 鈥 handling complex tasks with natural language understanding. Completing tasks at superhuman speeds, CoCounsel provides high-quality information at the right time, maintains multiple threads of work, as well as keeping context and memory across the different tasks and products customers use each day. By augmenting professional work with GenAI skills, CoCounsel delivers accelerated and streamlined workflows, enables professionals to produce higher-quality work more quickly, all while keeping customer data secure. Watch more here.

Over time CoCounsel will link 黑料大湿Posts products across its entire portfolio, meaning customers can bring together multiple skills and workflows from different products into one place to enhance user experience and value.

鈥淭oday, 黑料大湿Posts published a global AI study sharing that 81% of professionals believe AI could be applied to their work; responding to customers changing needs challenges us to build and apply the very best applications of GenAI to professional work,鈥 said David Wong, 黑料大湿Posts Chief Product Officer. 鈥淥ur unique combination of resources means we can deliver on our vision of providing professionals a new, human-centric point of access to our suite of 黑料大湿Posts products. As our products continue to expand and improve, the customer experience will remain centered in our GenAI assistant as CoCounsel learns new skills and capabilities - unlocking productivity and becoming the way professionals work.鈥

黑料大湿Posts uses cutting-edge generative AI technologies. For example, CoCounsel is powered by GPT-4, thanks to an early and ongoing partnership with OpenAI.

鈥淲e are excited to continue working with 黑料大湿Posts. By powering solutions like CoCounsel, their new professional-grade AI Assistant, together we make knowledge workers more creative and productive,鈥 said Brad Lightcap, COO at OpenAI. 鈥淎I automates routine tasks and makes it possible to quickly analyze huge amounts of data 鈥 but even more importantly, it helps people come up with new ways to solve complex problems.鈥

Delivering new CoCounsel skills for Tax and Legal professionals

CoCounsel is embedded in and delivers the power of GenAI where professionals work, whether it鈥檚 in 黑料大湿Posts with CoCounsel, and Practical Law Dynamic Tool Set with CoCounsel. Today, the company is announcing new, additional skills for both Tax and Legal professionals including:

Checkpoint Edge with CoCounsel 鈥 Our first generative AI product for tax professionals delivers better, faster answers to complex tax research questions, rooted in 黑料大湿Posts trusted proprietary content, enhancing efficiency for seasoned researchers and enabling inexperienced researchers to work with reduced supervision.

Westlaw Edge UK with CoCounsel 鈥 The first 黑料大湿Posts generative AI legal research offering in the UK streamlines the initial phase of legal research, allowing customers to ask complex questions in natural language and delivering a synthesized answer grounded in trusted Westlaw content with detailed insights from top results including a list of key cases, legislation, and related topics.

CoCounsel Integrations with Microsoft 365 鈥 With third-party integrations, CoCounsel will connect professionals with the tools they use daily starting with Microsoft 365 - adding CoCounsel applications for Teams, Word, Outlook, and SharePoint to accelerate research, drafting and review.

鈥淎t Ford, we constantly pursue technology at the forefront of AI and machine learning innovation, to strengthen operations across the company, from design and manufacturing to legal and compliance. When I first saw CoCounsel as a beta customer, I knew it was a game-changer," said Darth Vaughn, Managing Director, Legal Ops+ and Litigation Counsel at Ford Motor Company. "With CoCounsel, we work more efficiently and thoroughly, giving people in a wide range of roles more time for higher-level, strategic work, as well as cross-functional coordination. We eagerly anticipate skills that continue to enhance our legal professionals and our broader organization."

黑料大湿Posts will use its GenAI platform to create even more GenAI skills, and they鈥檒l be introduced into products across every business segment it serves under the CoCounsel brand. 黑料大湿Posts is well-positioned to deliver an experience that will transform professional work by calling on its 30+ years of experience in this field and its proprietary content used to continue to expand its GenAI platform.

The GenAI platform - accelerating the delivery of professional-grade GenAI

黑料大湿Posts has invested in infrastructure positioning them to innovate with GenAI鈥攄esigning, developing, and launching new, high-quality GenAI features鈥攓uickly and securely, aligned to its Data and AI Ethics Principles

黑料大湿Posts has both trusted, proprietary, content knowledge-based models, as well as a portfolio of workflow-embedded software tools, all brought together through its one-of-a-kind GenAI engineering platform. This common development platform enables the company to design, build, and deploy reusable GenAI components that become the building blocks for future skills and products, positioning the company to deliver on a vision for enabling professionals across multiple industries to seamlessly complete complicated work involving multiple products through a single GenAI assistant.


  • Westlaw Edge UK with CoCounsel is available to customers in the UK.
  • Checkpoint Edge with CoCounsel is expected initially in the United States, starting from summer 2024.
  • CoCounsel Integrations with Microsoft 365 are expected to be available in BETA to customers in the USA and UK from summer 2024.
  • Further roll out of CoCounsel skills are expected across 2024 and beyond


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Ali Hughes 
黑料大湿Posts Communications 

Notes to Editor

The roll out of the CoCounsel GenAI assistant completes the integration of Casetext into 黑料大湿Posts, delivering on the vision of a united team building a single GenAI assistant across 黑料大湿Posts product suite.

CoCounsel was the name originally allocated to the GenAI assistant that supported legal professionals 鈥 this product is now called CoCounsel Core. Moving forward 黑料大湿Posts will use CoCounsel as the common nomenclature for its single GenAI assistant available across its portfolio.

Today 黑料大湿Posts launched a global study on the application of AI to professional work 鈥 read more here.

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