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Let CoCounsel be your trusted partner, trained by industry experts and backed by authoritative content.

A powerful way forward

CoCounsel is a chat-based generative AI (GenAI) assistant across all customer workflows, making quick work of routine tasks, analyzing information, and delivering answers so you can maximize the impact of your time, energy, and expertise.

CoCounsel will make your life easier

In times of change and complexity, our powerful technology and generative AI help you move faster, see further, and accomplish more. Today, we are evolving our technological capabilities, empowering you to focus on what matters most.

Reduce inefficiencies

Make the most of your limited time with CoCounsel, the latest generative AI technology that speeds up or eliminates mundane tasks and quickly delivers the trusted answers you need.

Add greater value

Spend more time practicing your profession with always-on access to a chat-based interface that provides the most relevant, current insights, helping you get to the next step more easily than ever before.

Anticipate the future

Stay at the forefront of your industry with our investment of over $100 million in generative AI technology designed to empower you with the latest tools and insights for today and tomorrow.

CoCounsel will revolutionize the way you work

Whether it鈥檚 AI-assisted research, enhanced search capabilities, or drafting documents, CoCounsel is changing the way professionals work and access information.

Legal professionals

Research more efficiently, increase productivity, and practice with confidence using generative AI built on more than 150 years of authoritative content and industry expertise.

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Tax and accounting professionals

Get fast, reliable answers to complex tax and accounting questions with generative AI backed by trusted content and human expertise, empowering you to be a trusted advisor.

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Industry-leading GenAI insights and updates

Report: 2024 generative AI in professional services

Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) is no longer the technology of the future. The process of integrating GenAI systems into daily work 鈥 and figuring out what that means for the future of professional work 鈥 has begun.

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Forum: Practice makes perfect for generative AI

Law firms and corporate legal departments taking a 鈥渨ait-and-see" approach to generative AI may miss out, watching 鈥渁 golden opportunity鈥 pass them by as they wait for the technology to be perfect, says Northwestern Professor Daniel Linna.

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GenAI in action: A look at early adopters鈥 experiences in tax and accounting

Over 50% of tax and accounting firms surveyed are already using GenAI on a wide-scale basis. Early adopters exploring the benefits of this technology may hold a significant advantage over counterparts who stay on the sidelines.

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