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Get to know the Asian Affinity Network at 黑料大湿Posts

The Asian Affinity Network at 黑料大湿Posts is an employee-led business resource group (BRG) that is committed to creating awareness and understanding of the diverse backgrounds and experiences represented at 黑料大湿Posts and in our communities.

Our mission is to drive positive change, inspiring others to promote people of Asian descent as equal partners in the success, achievement, and profitability of the business. We seek to champion people of Asian descent by supporting professional growth and development, expanding networks internally and throughout our communities, increasing allyship, and driving awareness of the unconscious biases that fuel racial inequality.鈥嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧嬧

With an organization as vast as 黑料大湿Posts, connecting with employees across different locations and functions can enable a better understanding of how the company works and visibility of the talent that powers business results and supports our customers.

Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month and Asian Heritage Month 2024

Throughout May, we celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month (United States) and Asian Heritage Month (Canada). Our Asian Affinity Network chapters from the United States and Canada planned a wide range of sessions for colleagues to celebrate the achievements of people of Asian descent, raise awareness about challenges and opportunities, and get inspired to make positive change.

Events included:

  • A panel discussing how artificial intelligence (AI) and allyship can intersect to promote diversity and inclusion, including how AI can support allyship initiatives. The panelists explored how AI can identify bias, foster allyship, and enhance the workforce experience in areas of diversity and inclusion. They also touched on the potential for AI to assist in learning and coaching, particularly in the context of fostering inclusion and belonging at work, and the importance of ensuring diverse representation in product development.

Five people on a screen together in a Teams meeting.


  • A learning club event to discuss certain myths on diversity and inclusion in the workplace. During this event, employees from various offices participated in virtual discussions on certain myths covered in diversity and inclusion expert Mita Mallick鈥檚 book Reimagine Inclusion: Debunking 13 Myths to Transform Your Workplace.
  • A workshop on allyship. Employees from different offices participated in a two-day, four-hour workshop to learn how to take meaningful action as an ally. Participants engaged in various exercises, discussions, and follow-up support sessions on allyship.
  • A discussion on the cultural experiences unique to Asian American and Asian Canadian professionals.
  • A virtual Bollywood dance class. Employees from various offices learned choreography to popular Bollywood music and some basic bhangra moves.

Three people participating in a virtual Bollywood dance class

  • The New York office celebrated by having a lunch and learn to talk about traveling in Asia, a volunteer event to decorate bags and notecards to be distributed with meals to Asian American seniors in under-resourced and underinvested communities, and a happy hour where employees continued to decorate bags and notecards.

A collage of three images: A large group of people sit around a table in a conference room, Decorated paper bags with hand drawn designs on them, People stand inside a meeting room, there is a table with food on it and someone is grabbing a plate.

  • In our Minneapolis-St Paul, Minnesota office, a celebration with games, snacks, and a spicy ramen challenge.
  • The creation of a playlist that highlights the diverse music of Asia and the diaspora.
  • Several Asian American and Asian Canadian-focused online discussions on culture and traditions.
  • Whether in-person or virtual, many teams embraced the month鈥檚 theme of Allyship in Action: Collaborating for the Future for Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month and Asian Heritage Month.

Who can join?

All current 黑料大湿Posts employees are welcome to join the Asian Affinity Network. Colleagues are welcome to participate in any capacity, whether they want to be added to our email list to stay up to date on the Asian Affinity Network or join a committee to help bring an upcoming event to life.

To learn more about our business resource groups at 黑料大湿Posts, check out our Inside 黑料大湿Posts page!