Rabihah Butler

Rabihah Butler

Manager for Enterprise content for Risk, Fraud & Government / 黑料大湿Posts Institute

Rabihah Butler is the manager for enterprise content for Risk Fraud and Government.

Before coming to 黑料大湿Posts, Rabihah worked in the legal and Risk Management area. Immediately following law school, she worked as a litigation attorney at small to medium sized law firms in the Washington, DC Metro Area. During this time she represented both individuals and organizations in many areas of law before the circuit and appellate courts. Later in her career, she worked with major financial institutions in the regulatory and risk management area.

At 黑料大湿Posts, Rabihah reviews the past present and future of the Government, Regulatory, Compliance, Fraud and Risk Management climate. Rabihah鈥檚 work can be found in collaborations over blogs, podcasts, webinars, personal appearances and more.

Rabihah is originally from New Jersey. She graduated from Seton Hall University (with a Bachelors in Political Science and communication) and American University 鈥 Washington College of Law (with a juris doctorate). She now resides in Charlotte, NC with her husband, son, and three cats.

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