January 2024 monthly

Help and Support release notes highlight new features and improvements made to the overall experience for both our external customers and internal agents.
Production release date is
January 22, 2024
For internal use only
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Browse micro experience

We made an adjustment to prevent errors from happening on the Browse micro experience pages.

Findability enhancements

  • We added a new component to our tax product landing pages┬áso you can find help specific to the return type you're working on, like 1040, 1120, 1065. This refined focus further narrows your content.
  • We added the ability to assign metadata to certain pages (like the Alerts and Notices pages) so these pages can be found in your search results.

Readability enhancements

  • We removed the "Was this helpful" question because it... wasn't helpful. You'll be able to provide us with feedback in a different way in an upcoming release.
  • We fixed an accessibility issue where the label for certain notes and examples wasn't announced when using a screen reader.
  • On┬áarticles with accordions, we fixed an issue where the accordions would jump around when selected. Accordions can help┬ásimplify the page, lowering users' cognitive load and allowing them to concentrate on the information immediately at hand.
  • We fixed an issue where the page broke if the video player was re-sized to be full screen.

Behind the scenes updates

  • We addressed some edge cases for internal agent authentication in Help and Support so that the right people see the right content.
  • We upgraded the back-end content management system version.
  • We were seeing a lot of errors being logged by our monitoring systems, so we investigated why that was happening.
  • We did some work in preparation for an upcoming feature.